Lightning flashes as a severe thunderstorm strikes.  In the darkness, next to Mount Cygnosa, you know that you are in danger.  But you have no choice, and you decide to camp for the night. Suddenly, you wake with a start.  Frantically looking around, you see the cruel faces of Dwargg warriors, looking down at you.  You reach for your weapons, but they have already been seized.  The Dwarggs stand you up, and march you through the driving rain, through the gates of the underground realm of Blackledge, the Dwargg stronghold. You are now held as Dwargg slaves, sentenced to a life in the gladiator pits.  The cycle of fighting and rest continues in the darkness, one day blending into the next.  Every battle brings you one step closer to your death.  Unless...


Fantsasy Adventure by Bret Winters This Fantasy Role Playing Game can be played Solo or in a Group.


Game Rating: 36 Points

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    Game Book (5.5 x 8.5"), Game Board (11 x 17"), Pieces (3 x 7.75"- Individual pieces are .75 x .75")